An auto-responder is usually a predefined message, which can be sent automatically as an answer to each and every email received inside a mailbox with this option enabled. Two of the most common instances for using this feature are automated emails that one is temporarily away from the workplace or that an order is received successfully. An auto-responder could also be used as a common confirmation that an email is received successfully, which may be something very important in business communication. The message that's delivered can be pretty much anything and could be modified according to the conditions and what the auto-responder will be used for. As the feature is activated server-side, there isn’t anything you are required to do manually and you don't need an e-mail app to be active constantly for an automatic reply to be sent to the individual sending you an e-mail.

Auto-responder Emails in Cloud Hosting

It's possible to make an auto-responder message for any of the mailboxes with as little as 2 clicks with each cloud hosting package that we offer. Everything you will need to do is to visit the Emails section of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, choose the auto-responder button for a specific e-mail address, enter the message inside the box which will appear and save the changes. If you wish to change or delete a message, you'll need to go through the very same steps. The Emails section will let you view which mailboxes have an auto-responder feature, to help you effortlessly monitor what's going on with your emails. You can even activate or disable the function for various mail boxes at the same time.

Auto-responder Emails in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you use a semi-dedicated server package to host your domains with us, you'll be able to easily activate the auto-responder feature for any of the email addresses you create in the account. This can be done in the Emails part of our simple to use Hepsia Hosting Control Panel where one can view a set of all of your mailboxes. A little icon will show you which has an active auto-responder and which one doesn't. To add, manage or delete a message, click the corresponding image for the specific e-mail, type in the text that you would like to use, save the changes and you will be all set. In case you choose several e-mails, you're able to activate or deactivate the option for them in bulk, with just as little efforts.